Friday, October 10, 2008

Boost the Economy: Stop Political Ads

Our economy is in crisis.  We're a consumer economy, and we need to boost consumption to get back on track.  And I have a simple proposal to boost consumerism.

Stop campaign advertisements.

I rely on commercials to tell me what pizza to eat, to inform me about how much fun I'll have if I choose one brand of pop over another, to let me know how many calories are in bottles of beer, to tell me where I'm supposed to buy my pants.  How am I supposed to consume goods when there are fewer ads telling me which goods to consume?

When I should be learning about new cell phone plans directly from the cell phone companies, I'm instead looking at images of Barack Obama, John McCain, Norm Coleman, Al Franken, Erik Paulson, Ashwin Madia.  And according to these commercials, each of these men is bad.  How am I supposed to purchase products when all I know is why I can't trust these fellows?

When John McCain put out an ad calling Barack Obama dishonorable for merely mentioning that civilians in Afghanistan are being killed in air attacks (by they way, they are), he is taking away somebody else's opportunity to try sell me a car.

It's a miracle I even know how much a footlong sandwich at Subway costs; if politicians had their way, I'd never get the chance to be informed.

So, campaigning political candidates, if you really want to help this economy, how about making sure decent, hard-working, good old fashioned corporations still have an opportunity to hawk their wares.

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