Sunday, May 18, 2008

Subway: DTM?

You've probably seen the well-publicized change at Subway: several footlong subs are now dropped to $5.00. Did you know, however, that several Subway restaurants are increasing the price of the Veggie Delite footlong sub to $5.00? I've now seen and heard about this increase in price of veggie subs at a few different Subways, but as of this week I know it hasn't spread to every Subway.

So while Subway is decreasing the price of many subs, they are increasing the price of the veggie subs. This also means that they expect vegetarians to pay the same amount for their meatless subs as several meat eaters pay for their meat subs (in other words, vegetarians have to pay the same amount for less food).

It never bothered me terribly that veggie subs cost the same amount as the meatball subs. Whatever. But if Subway is now increasing the price of the Veggie Delite subs so that they cost the same amount as seven different meat subs, then I will no longer eat at Subway. Ever. As long as the Veggie Delite footlong sub costs as much as seven different meat subs, I will never eat there again.

I'm still debating whether I should still occasionally get subs at those restaurants that keep the price of the Veggie Delite under $5.00. But I'm very close to giving Subway the DTM stamp of removal. As Subway basically says "f--- y--, vegetarians, you can pay the same price as meat eaters for less food," I'm nearly ready to make the statement:

Subway: dead to me.


  1. I_EAT_MEAT7:51 AM

    That's going to cripple subway, I hope you really give it some thought before you bring them to their knees like that.

    I hope they come to their senses and adjust their current pricing though, that seems like an odd buisiness decision.

  2. I'm not sure I get what you mean by "less food." By weight? By calorie count? If I don't get lettuce or green pepper on my sub, I'm getting less food, but I still have to pay full price.

    Subway is pretty lame for a loot of reasons, but the pricing seem reasonable to me.

  3. The veggies are all optional toppings for everybody; if you don't get them, it is your choice. I usually got my subs without cheese; because that was entirely my choice, I've never complained that I'm paying the same for a cheeseless sub as others pay for a sub with cheese. But now Subway is saying that whatever your choice of toppings, a sub without any meat costs the same as a sub with meat.

    That is enough for me to stop getting subs. I'm not out picketing Subway as if they've done something immoral; I'm a customer who has decided they are no longer satisfying my needs. And as a blogger, I'm complaining about it.

  4. And even setting aside the issue of paying the same price for meat or meatless subs, what I really want to know is this:

    Why is Subway raising the price of veggie subs at the same time it lowers the price of other subs?

    Honestly, it just saves me money because instead of going to Subway, I'll make a salad at home. So thanks, Subway, for motivating me to live more cheaply.

  5. Anonymous11:14 AM

    what a slap in the face! it's bad enough the industry has apparently zero interest in branching out, in seriously developing some alternatives. to me the veggie sub at subway tastes like week old leavings i'd rather pay a similar price at another restaurant, a non-chain, non-fast food sandwich shop, for something far more creative and appealing. or if i want to eat a tomato, cheese, cucumber, and olive sandwich i make my own. just like i'd rather buy an apple, cub it, and dollop my own non-fat yogurt on the side (were i ever to do this) with granola than pay 5 dollars to mcdonalds who are apparently willing to give away free fried bird corpses but are incapable of offering any sort of veg sandwich.


  6. Anonymous12:32 AM

    I have no problem with vegetarians being made to pay the same or MORE as other people. It's a choice you made, humans are omniverous. Deal with it.

  7. Wow, anonymous. That was a clearly well thought-out argument you made. I am baffled by your logic. Read an article about nutrition and save us all some time.